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NWLEAN SPONSORS help keep NWLEAN an 'ad-free' zone. Consider this the 'short list' of lean solution providers, and visit their websites for information, tools, and resources. For more information about our SPONSORSHIP program, click here.

    Agilean’s consulting services are targeted at helping organizations achieve dramatic improvements in business productivity. Our proven methodology - productivity for performance - helps services organizations and manufacturing front-offices discover innovative new ways of doing business that produce greater customer value at less cost. We show organizations how to use lean productivity methods to engage employees in an unrelenting focus on increasing the customer value created for each unit of work. Please visit our website at

    Magnetic Concepts Corp. - A leading manufacturer and supplier of visual control display products for lean, kanban, production, operations, and other related manufacturing environments. Product lines include: Custom Designed Magnetic Whiteboards for every application (with your design), Rolling Chart Boards, Electronic Print Boards, and Magnetic Accessories. Common applications are control (project, production, improvement), scheduling (calendars, planners, process flow), and personnel (training, assignments, cell layout). Most custom boards are shipped in just a few days. Visit the website at

    The Shingo Prize was established in 1988 to promote an awareness of lean manufacturing concepts and to recognize companies that achieve world-class manufacturing status. Today, the Shingo Prize is regarded as the premier manufacturing award and recognition programs. Business Week considers the Shingo Prize, “the Nobel prize of manufacturing . . .” The Prize is presented to manufacturing sites that have achieved dramatic performance improvements. The Shingo Prize highlights the value of using lean/world-class manufacturing practices to attain world-class status.

    Clemson Universities Office of Off-Campus and Continuing Education offers over 600 seminars related to process improvement and Lean Manufacturing. Check out their POWER LEAN Certificate Program (in partnership with Rockwell Automation) at, and visit their website at

    Vital Enterprises uses tools like Kaizen and Working With Others to build teams of capable and aligned performers who produce immediate and extraordinary business benefits. We begin with understanding the strengths and needs of your company and work with you to focus and plan your improvement efforts. We
    accelerate your execution by leading initial improvement events to demonstrate the power of our tools and introduce them to your people. Visit our website at

    Shingijutsu America, LLC provides lean educational seminars, and has developed the Global Production System (GPS). GPS delivers goods and services to the customer on demand, one by one, in sequence, at the
    lowest possible cost, without defects. Visit our website for more information about GPS and upcoming seminars at

    Datasweep, Inc. designs and delivers innovative and comprehensive software solutions to help global manufacturers achieve compliancy, competitive advantage and operational excellence. Datasweep lean manufacturing solutions help streamline operations, enforce processes and capture the
    required information to drive closed-loop and continuous improvement into operational performance. Visit our website at

    Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP) is a not-for-profit team of in-house manufacturing professionals dedicated to helping you
    transform the way you do business and become more productive and competitive. Since 1996 more than 500 Oregon manufacturers, most with fewer than 500 employees, have benefited from our consulting expertise and unique partnerships. We deliver real-world solutions. Our funding comes from a combination of client fees, regional and local economic development grants, and federal dollars - allowing us to deliver our business consulting services at affordable prices. Visit our website at

    Pelion Systems' GoLean™ software applications empower management to slash operating costs and improve customer service by streamlining factory processes and supply-chain operations. GoLean™ solutions support lean implementation teams with their core efforts to VISUALIZE and then DESIGN factories of the future,
    RUN lean factories on a daily basis, EXTEND lean capabilities throughout supply-chains, and continuously IMPROVE lean practices. Pelion's customers get lean faster and sustain lean performance more effectively.

    Visit, or call 877-669-4324.

    Manufacturing Management & Technology Institute (MMTI) is a group of international consultants who have been helping companies implement lean manufacturing since 1987 in the US, Europe, Latin America, and China. We support
    clients from initial pilot projects on the shop floor through to the alignment of management to support lean manufacturing. We also offer training courses tailored for audiences ranging from CEOs to operators, on a wide variety of topics. Check us out at

    Business Basics, LLC provides real-world manufacturing solutions by developing e-Tutorials that provide e-learning for anyone ... everyone ...
    anywhere ... anytime. Five tutorials have been developed by Bill Gaw based on his 35 years of successful manufacturing turnaround experiences. These unique e-learning products focus on the basics of manufacturing and provide foundations for MRP, ERP, and lean manufacturing success. Without these business basics in place, a company won't reach its full growth and profit potential.

    Lean Promotion is a network of independent Lean professionals experienced in Toyota Production System implementation. Our experience is particularly suited to converting existing operations that are organized around traditional mass
    production practices in cultures resistant to change. Rooted in the fundamentals of kaizen, our approach utilizes the concepts, principles and techniques of TPS to achieve company-wide participation. By leveraging the creativity of people for continuous improvement, w've helped companies realize dramatic results in business performance.

    SoftBrands Manufacturing - Optimize your system with DemandStream, an internal and external Supply Chain Execution system. DemandStream enables "Demand-Pull" scheduling and Material Flow throughout your entire
    supply chain. The modular design that makes up our supply chain software can be implemented as a total system that will manage your entire supply chain, or the modules can be implemented over time as part of a migration to Demand-Pull and/or Lean Manufacturing. Visit our website at

    Interval Systems - The leader in advanced software tools for time and work measurement studies supporting lean production and operations. Interval Systems offers AccuStudy, the most significant advancement in time studies since the stopwatch.

    AccuStudy incorporates patent-pending icon technology to collect study data with a handheld computer and to provide instant process improvement feedback with PC based analysis tools. Integrated Work Instruction software allows instant creation of work instructions incorporating text and graphics. Visit our web site at

    The Lean Enterprise Institute is a non-profit training, publishing and research center founded by Jim Womack to give people simple but powerful tools that describe in plain language how to apply lean
    thinking. We are not a consulting company that provides solutions for individual firms. Instead we share our knowledge with the lean community through our workbooks, events and on-site training.

    Mandis, Inc. - Management and information technology consulting to manufacturing organizations. Mandis Inc. provides professional services support to manufacturing
    companies. Services provided include systems requirements, manufacturing consulting, education, training and project management. Companies that use the services and products provided by Mandis Inc. realize tangible benefits in the areas of, improved resource utilization, information systems utilization, cost control, competitive position, business performance, e-business communication.

    Productivity, Inc., is a leading international consulting, training and publishing firm. Since 1979 we have been helping companies worldwide achieve lasting measurable improvement in cost, quality and delivery. Visit our website for more information at

    Simpler Consulting has become the largest and fastest growing Lean-focused consulting company in the world by holding ourselves accountable for helping our clients achieve lasting measurable results and a culture of never-ending improvement.
    Simpler started in manufacturing, providing high-impact Lean transformation services in "traditional" manufacturing businesses. As we grew, we have also developed innovative ways of applying Lean in many non-traditional areas. Visit our website for more information at

    TechSolve helps your company increase profits by eliminating waste and increasing productivity on the factory floor and in the front office. We concentrate on implementing Lean
    Manufacturing and Machining Solutions at your company and throughout your supply chain. We deliver training and provide access to a variety of business development services for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Additionally, TechSolve is a membership organization designed to share best practices with our network of 200+ member companies.

    The Lean Learning Center provides comprehensive lean curriculum focused on providing sustainable results. Taught in a highly effective and unique learning environment specialized for
    adult learning, the Center goes beyond teaching the "tools" of lean to helping participants internalize the "rules" of lean. Students are actively engaged through discovery simulations, case studies, personal planning and journaling, providing an overall experience that is as close to being "inside Toyota" as you can find.

    Adaptive Micro Systems is the automation industry's provider of Industrial Scoreboards. A player (employee), coach (supervisor), or official (manager) can look up at
    anytime and determine the activity status within seconds. Imagine being able to enter your facility and with just a glance up at the scoreboard, become immediately aware of your company's overall productivity and efficiency. Adaptive's solutions will help motivate your workforce and ensure your teams success. To find out more about how Adaptive Micro Systems can support your lean efforts, visit our website at

    Since 1998, Gemba Research, LLC has been consulting in the areas of performance management and waste elimination, using kaizen and Lean
    manufacturing methodologies. Our work is both hands-on and educational, involving teams of the clients' personnel and resources. We work to jointly establish objectives of the consulting project to meet client business goals, and deliver significant return on investment.

    For over 18 years, JCIT International has trained thousands of students worldwide in the principles of Demand Flow® Technology (DFT). With state-of-the-art training facilities located throughout the United States and overseas, JCIT offers a variety of hands-on workshops featuring DFT processes designed to help organizations reduce costs,
    shorten product cycle times, reduce inventories and increase productivity.

    For more information, visit; email, or call Toll Free 800-457-4548.

    IntelliCaster Company provides air bearing/caster systems for industrial and cleanroom use. Specializing in complete systems which move loads of any size/type/configuration, IntelliCaster systems reduce costs while increasing safety and efficiency of industrial operations. Serving all of your equipment moving needs with innovative products, control systems, and
    system design services. Visit their website at or call 408/204-1171.

  • - eFax (or is it freeFax?) provides FREE fax support to any individual or organization. No more fax machines, no more tying up your phone lines or switching from fax to voice. Visit their website at

  • - FreeFind provides FREE site search engines, internet search engines, site maps, usage reports, and much more. Visit their website at

  • Response-O-Matic - Response-O-Matic provides FREE form processing for websites. You can now create slick, web-based forms without ANY programming knowledge whatsoever! Visit their website at

  • Interested in becoming a sponsor? - Sponsors of NWLEAN receive lots of benefits in our 'ad-free' zone. Visit our sponsorship page at or contact the Leanmaster at for more information!

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