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NWLEAN is dedicated to sharing knowledge about lean production and it's implementation. NWLEAN is not a consulting firm. NWLEAN does not charge it's members for membership, access to the website, or participation in any activities. NWLEAN keeps all member information confidential; no personal information is ever sold or traded.

As our membership grows (to nearly 10,000 in January 2005!), more and more consulting firms, software vendors, and other product/service providers want to be accessible to our members. Many of these companies have high quality products and services, which can be of great benefit to our members. It is in this spirit that NWLEAN has developed the following programs to give our members access to these firms:

NWLEAN Direct™
Direct Email Marketing Program
Online (PULL) Advertising Program
NWLEAN Direct™ provides sponsors and vendors access to NWLEAN members via email! While NWLEAN doesn't sell its' email lists, NWLEAN can provide access to those members who have indicated specific interests. NWLEAN Direct™ allows sponsors and vendors to market to these demographically specific portions of the NWLEAN member database. PULL-Ads™ provide our members and visitors online access to information about products and services directly on the NWLEAN website. PULL-Ads™ are SIMPLY THE BEST WAY TO SPEND AN ADVERTISING DOLLAR, ANYWHERE!
Sponsorship provides companies supporting lean implementations a strong foothold in the LEAN community, by supporting NWLEAN activities. In return, SPONSORS receive a great many benefits, including increased access to NWLEAN members, and deep discounts on both NWLEAN Direct™ and PULL-Ads™ marketing programs. Link exchanges provide a free, quick, & easy way for NWLEAN to share information about who is providing lean resources to the community.

Please select one of the above links for further information pertaining to our sponsorship program opportunities.

NWLEAN is maintained as an 'ad-free' zone. To this end, we screen out anything that may be construed as advertising to our members. The one exception to this policy is in the case of our premier sponsors, which are those individuals and organizations that ensure the continuation of this effort through their financial (and other) support. (Disclaimer)

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