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NWLEAN taking the BEST from the Lean Community:
Do you have something to share?

NWLEAN is a self-sustaining 'lean community', comprised of lean professionals from all over the world. The purpose of NWLEAN is to share the knowledge and experience of its members. One of the ways we share is by publishing a MONTHLY FEATURE ARTICLE by experts in the field, and those implementing lean techniques.

The Northwest Lean Networks
Do you have something to share with the lean community? Is your company doing something 'different' or 'special'? Do you have a new spin on lean implementation, or lean sustainment? Write about it and allow all of NWLEAN to learn from it!

Join the likes of Bill Kluck, Trent Wall, Dave Levine, Jon Miller, George Shinkle, Dave Gleditsch, Norman Bodek, Chris Harris, C. Lynn Northrup, Richard Abercrombie, Jamie Flinchbaugh, Don Frank, Quarterman Lee, Bruce Baggaley, Bill Gaw, Michel Baudin, Holt Dunbar, Roger Ellis, and others in sharing the BEST of lean with the REST of the world.

To submit an article for publication, review the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES at, and contact the NWLEAN Coordinator at today!


One of the many benefits of having your article published on NWLEAN is the exposure you'll receive for both yourself and your organization. Whether you are a consultant or academic, manager or engineer, manufacturer or service provider, your experiences can help others see the possibilities!

Also, sharing your experiences will allow others in your field (and others!) to discuss your challenges and successes. This can have the affect of spurring you on to new levels of success, thru idea sharing and collaboration.

NWLEAN is committed to bringing the best of the lean community to our members and visitors. Become a part of this valuable effort TODAY!

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