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This TOOLS CD is a compilation of tools, spreadsheets, macros, applications, and white papers submitted by NWLEAN members. The material on the CD covers all aspects of lean implementation, from ASSESSMENTS to ADVANCED TOPICS, from 5S to SMED. Below is a sample of what is on the CD, in addition to any required file viewers you may require. To order the CD, click here.

CD Contents: - Order CD

  • 5S
    • 6S checklist.xls
    • 5S audit.ppt
    • SPIDER 5S System Test.xls
    • Form on 2nd S.xls
    • Form on 3rd S.xls
    • Form on 4th S.xls
    • Form on 5th S.xls
    • 6S.ppt
    • SPIDER 5S Master.xls
  • Lean assessments
    • LESAT guide.pdf
    • LESAT.xls
    • LESAT tool.pdf
    • Progressive Lean checklist.doc
    • Lean Assessment.pdf
    • Appraisal workbook.xls
  • Documents and White papers
    • NWLEAN Feature Articles (entire archive!)
    • Beyond Lean.pdf
    • Beyond Lean II.pdf
    • Lean Personnel Model.pdf
    • Supplier Development.doc
    • Setup.ppt
    • PQA.xls
    • Five O'clock World.doc
    • When to Improve Quality.pdf
    • First Do No Harm.pdf
    • Operational Equipment Effectiveness.xls
    • Toyota Management System.doc
    • Generic Lean Overview.ppt
    • Principles of Lean Mfg.ppt
    • Right Brain Left Brain.exe
  • Improvement Workshops
    • Non-factory AIW's.ppt
    • Kaizen Event.xls
    • Kaizen Macro.xls
    • Industrial Blitzkrieg.ppt
  • Kanban tools
    • Kanban.xls
    • Kanban Cards.mdb
    • readme.txt
    • Kanban Card Test.mdb
  • Software & Simulations
    • AccuStudy XP trial version
    • Airplane simulation - Generic
    • The One Cup Game
    • Airplane simulation
  • Value Stream Mapping
    • 4 steps to VSM.pdf
    • VSM template.xls

All of these tools (AND MORE!!) are available on this Tools CD. The Tools CD is available FREE OF CHARGE from NWLEAN, subject to shipping & handling charge of $12.50. To order your copy of the Tools CD, please fill out the form below, OR send a check/money order for $12.50 ($29.99US for international orders) to:

330 SW 43rd Street, #493
Renton, WA 98055-4900

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