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TechSolve helps you increase profits by eliminating waste and increasing productivity on the factory floor and in the front office.

Implementing Lean Manufacturing and Machining Solutions at your company and throughout your supply chain is our specialty. Additionally, we deliver training and provide access to a variety of business development services for small to mid-sized manufacturers.

Education is often the key to success in manufacturing. We offer a broad range of Lean Manufacturing courses and simulations that facilitate the learning of these concepts. Our courses include: Lean Leadership; Lean Manager Certification; Principles of Lean Manufacturing; Principles of Lean Office; Value Stream Mapping; The 5S System; Workplace Organization and Standardization; Set-Up Reduction; Cellular Flow Manufacturing; Pull Kanban Systems, and Total Productive Maintenance.

We don't just claim results; we use independent sources to document customer ROI.

Call for immediate hands-on help or begin by joining TechSolve to share best practices with our network of 200+ member companies. For more information please visit

TechSolve is a valued SPONSOR of NWLEAN.

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