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Simpler Consulting, Inc. ( is one of the largest, fastest growing Enterprise Wide Lean Transformation companies worldwide. Simpler has offices located throughout the United States and Europe. The experience of our Senseiís enables all clients to pursue Enterprise
Wide Lean Business Solutions. All Simpler sensei's have led Lean "Conversions" from the position of Plant Mgr, GM, VP Ops or Company President. This experience base enables your leadership team to learn from executives who have developed and achieved Business Unit results through the application of Lean.

Simpler specializes in both Traditional and non-traditional applications of Lean (high volume, Low volume, Service, Administration, Repair, distribution and non repetitive applications). Whether the business is repetitive or engineered to order, SCI has the experience and knowledge to drive meaningful results through your Business. Simpler has Pioneered the use of Lean in non traditional business applications such as Customer Service, Banking, Software Development, Healthcare, government and Administration.

Over 40% of our client applications have little or nothing to do with manufacturing a product. The Simpler Business System (SBS) provides the framework to construct a conversion model to fit your business. Whether your immediate needs are Productivity, Inventory Reduction, Cash Flow, Lead Time, Quality or On Time Delivery, the Simpler Business System will help guide your organization through the early years where bottom line results are key.

Contact info:

Simpler Consulting, Inc.
2814 Oak Meadow Dr., Suite 201
Ottumwa, IA 52501
Phone: 888-LEAN-888, or 641/683-9722
Fax: 641/683-9703

Simpler Consulting is a valued SPONSOR of NWLEAN.

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