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Products Services Post a PULL-Ad (tm) Rates PULL-AD™ RATES (simply the BEST ad rates on the internet!!):
Vendor Rates* SPONSOR Rates**
Standard 200 word block, single graphic 59.99 29.99
Additional 200 word block 29.99 11.99
Additional graphics 9.99 3.99
Additional months 29.99 11.99
Setup fee 35.00 35.00
Non-standard formatting, changes (if additional programming time is required) 40.00 40.00

* Rates are subject to change.

** SPONSORS receive (1) standard ad (1-200 word block, single graphic, standard format) FREE to advertise their company, and (1) standard ad (1-200 word block, single graphic, standard format) FREE to advertise a product or service.

  DISCOUNTS are available when placing more than (1) PULL-Ad™ per order:***

PULL-Ads™ purchased Discount
2 to 4 30%
5 to 9 50%
10+ 70%

*** Discounts are not available to SPONSORS, who already receive a 60% discount.

"OK, so what is it going to cost for me to place a standard ad for 6 months?"

Good question! That ad would cost only $234.94 at the STANDARD/VENDOR RATE. If you're a SPONSOR, it would cost only $114.94 at the SPONSORS RATE. (If you'd like to find out how to qualify for the SPONSORS RATE, send an email to

Here is how it the ad is priced:
Vendor RatesSponsor Rates
Setup $35 $35
200 word block/single graphic $59.99 $29.99
First month $94.99 $64.99
5 additional months $149.95 $59.95
TOTAL (for 6 months): $244.94 $124.94

You can't find better advertising rates, on the internet or off. That's why PULL-Ads™ are simply the BEST way to spend an advertising dollar on the internet!

If you have different ad requirements (special formatting, extra graphics), call 206/850-7007 for a quote, or send email to for more information.