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Are you surviving? Or are you thriving? Productivity, Inc. consultants have clients that are thriving even in this sluggish highly competitive economy. For over twenty-three years our clients have helped us create an extraordinary reputation in the area of Lean knowledge transfer through our comprehensive training programs.

Today we are expanding our expertise by offering our clients prescriptive consultants who are highly successful change agents capable of producing sustainable change through rapid introduction and implementation of Lean. If you are looking to thrive, not just survive turn to Productivity Inc. We offer solutions that can be as affordable as single mentoring days, our Lean Manager Certificate Program to our complete Lean Management System Productivity Inc.'s books, learning tools, public events and on-site training and consulting help businesses worldwide achieve lasting cost savings through this proven methodology.

"Productivity Inc. has expert personnel who have trained, mentored, and coached at our supplier manufacturing plants around the world. The results of their work have transformed the way we do business today and far into the future."
David Freni, Head of Strategic Planning - Operations, adidas - Salomon

Productivity Inc.
World Headquarters
100 Commerce Drive, Suite 120
Shelton, CT 06484

Tel: 800-394-6868 / 203-225-0451
Fax: 800-394-6286 / 203-225-0771


Productivity Inc. is a valued SPONSOR of NWLEAN.

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