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Lean Promotion is a network of independent Lean professionals experienced in Toyota Production System implementation. Our experience is particularly suited to converting existing operations that are
organized around traditional mass production practices in cultures resistant to change. Rooted in the fundamentals of kaizen, our approach utilizes the concepts, principles and techniques of TPS in a way that creates company-wide participation and achieves lasting results.

Under the initial guidance of former members of Taiichi Ohno's "Autonomous Study Group" we have implemented TPS at companies in various manufacturing industries throughout the US as well as Europe and Asia.

We believe that vision, constancy of purpose and top down leadership are essential to a successful Lean journey. But more importantly, we recognize that leadership gets results through people and a lasting transformation cannot be fully realized without a bottom up process leveraging the creativity of people for continuous improvement.

Lean Promotion
8406 200th St. SE
Snohomish, WA 98296
mobile: 206-406-8209
fax: 360-668-0178

Lean Promotion is a valued SPONSOR of NWLEAN.

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