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Kanban is a production control technique which can reduce shop floor inventory, WIP, and reduce throughput times by more than 50%. While there are a great many types of kanban and methods of implementation, this workshop shows how simple methods can transform your production system into a powerhouse, and be managed on the shop floor. In this (3) hour workshop, participants will learn how to implement and run kanban systems. The following topics are covered:
  • What is KANBAN?
  • Types of KANBAN
  • How KANBAN works
    • Kanban forumlas - setting card and container quantities
    • Heijunka scheduling
  • Designing a KANBAN system - specific considerations for implementation
  • Implementing KANBAN
    • Pilot projects
    • Getting the system online
    • Integrating non-standard parts and materials
    • Production parts vs. consumables
  • Making KANBAN work
    • Measuring success
    • Identifying challenges and opportunities
  • Improving KANBAN systems
    • Your vendors role in your kanban system
    • Improving system response

Have all of your SUPERVISORS and WORKERS attend this workshop! Call NWLEAN at 206/850-7007 today to schedule, and to find out how this workshop can be CUSTOMIZED for your environment, ensuring that participants get the most out of this valuable opportunity!

This in-house workshop combines theory and practice to provide your people with the information they need, without having to travel to a seminar location and miss several days of productive work. NWLEAN provides this workshop IN YOUR FACILITY, and will work with you to ensure that the sessions contain information focused on YOUR facility and YOUR situation. Contact NWLEAN today for more information!

NWLEAN Workshops are the best value for your training dollar. Discounts are available when scheduling multiple workshops. Feel free to schedule up to two sessions per day, and fill them with as many participants as you like.

IF YOU CAN OPEN THE ENROLLMENT TO OTHERS outside your company, you can further reduce your costs! Contact the NWLEAN Coordinator at 206/850-7007 for further information!

NWLEAN Workshops are designed to be presented to groups of 30 or fewer participants, which should represent management and supervisory personnel responsible for personnel in all organizational functions. Call 206/850-7007 or email to schedule an in-house seminar, or to coordinate a public seminar in your area.