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Agilean’s lean consulting methods are targeted at helping service organizations achieve dramatic improvements in business productivity. We help to drive operational innovation through service-based organizations and manufacturing front-offices – establishing new ways of doing business that:
  • Use less capital and labor to product equivalent customer value
  • Provide the highest quality products and services
  • Respond faster to customer demands

Agilean shows you how to use lean productivity methods to engage employees in an unrelenting focus on increasing the customer value created for each unit of work. We provide organizations the means, measurements, and motivators to exceed their performance objectives and accelerate their returns from investments in labor and capital.

Agilean delivers value. Using a holistic and collaborative approach, we help you adopt an agile and lean office culture where the status quo is never good enough. At Agilean we are confident in our results. We guarantee our services will help you increase operational performance by at least 15%. Contacting Agilean may be the most profitable move you've made in years.

Agilean Corporation
3325 126th Avenue NE
Bellevue, WA 98005-1363
Phone: 425/877 881-0108
fax: 425/877 881-5877

Agilean Corporation is a valued SPONSOR of NWLEAN.

(PULL-Ad™ expiration: 5/31/05)