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Providing an Alternative to Standard Internet Advertising
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The NWLEAN PULL-Ads™ Program is provided to our sponsors and other product/service vendors so they have an alternative means of informing visitors to the NWLEAN website about their products and services.

The THOUSANDS of visitors of NWLEAN are very internet saavy, and they have a unique interest in products and services which will support their lean implementation efforts. Moreover, it can be difficult (on the rest of the internet) to find products and services from vendors which specialize in supporting lean systems. Also, visitors to our website have become accustomed to NOT having to deal with unwanted pop-up ads, banner ads, and unsolicited sales intrusions.

What are PULL-Ads™?
In a lean environment, the concept of 'pull' is used to control production, reducing many of the wastes found in normal production environments. 'Pull' refers to the action by downstream work stations (and eventually the customer), which pulls a needed item, sending a signal to the upstream process that production and begin on the next item. (This is contrasted with a PUSH environment, which is common in production today, wherein each work center produces as much as it possibly can, and 'pushes' it's product to the next station, whether they need it or not!).

PULL-Ads™ use this concept of allowing the customer to 'pull' information at their own speed, as much as they need, right when they need it. And since NWLEAN doesn't use cookies or java-applets to collect information about our visitors (and they know it!), they can feel free to get the most out of your ads, and contact you as they see fit. TO VISIT THE PULL-Ads™ AREA AND SEE WHAT PULL-Ads™ ARE ALL ABOUT, CLICK HERE.

The PULL-Ads™ program supports members, visitors, and vendors by providing an alternative. By posting ads on the NWLEAN site, visitors can browse them as anonymously as looking through a catalog, with the added functionality that the internet provides.

COMPARE OUR AD RATES WITH ANY OTHER INTERNET OR PRINT AD PROVIDER, AND YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!! Plus, with over 30,000 hits (and rising) to our website each month, you can expect a much greater focus on your products and services than in any other ad medium.

PULL-AD™ RATES (simply the BEST ad rates on the internet!!):
Vendor RatesSPONSOR Rates**
Standard 200 word block, single graphic 59.99 29.99
Additional 200 word block 29.99 11.99
Additional graphics 9.99 3.99
Additional months 29.99 11.99
Setup fee 35.00 35.00
Non-standard formatting
(if additional programming time is required)
40.00 40.00
- - - Click here for a pricing example - - -

** SPONSORS receive (3) standard ads (200 word block, single graphic, standard format) FREE to promote their company, products, and services.

  DISCOUNTS are available when purchasing more than (1) PULL-Ad™ per order:***

PULL-Ads™ purchased Discount
2 to 4 30%
5 to 9 50%
10+ 70%

*** Discounts are not available to SPONSORS, who already receive a 60% discount.

AD SUBMISSION FORM: (If you prefer, you can call to speak to someone directly about questions related to your ad.)
Name: Company:
Email: Phone:

AD TEXT, as you would like it to read. If you prefer to send a rich text document (with graphics and text), enter "WILL SEND":

I am interested in placing multiple ads.

Ad category (for multiple ads, check all that apply. Otherwise, check one)

Material Handling      
Computer Hardware      
Computer Software      
Magazines, Periodicals      
Visual Display/Signaling Devices      
Education, Training, Seminars      
Information Services (online resources, etc...)      
I am an NWLEAN sponsor. I would like information about sponsoring NWLEAN.
I would like the ad(s) to run months. I require assistance with formatting or other considerations.

An NWLEAN representative will call you within 24 hours to discuss your ad.
Thank you for advertising with NWLEAN!

PULL-Ads™ and PULL-Ad™ are trademarks of NWLEAN, Inc.

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