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Links to other organizations providing lean products and services
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If any of these links have expired, or to add a link to this list, please contact For more information about our LINK EXCHANGE program, click here.
  • C. Lynn Northrup, CPA - Training, consulting, and advisory services Specializing in corporate performance management, accounting for lean Six Sigma initiatives, and enterprise fitness assessments. [Link verification]

  • Strategos, Inc. - At Strategos we add unique value and insight to the client's organization through consulting, training and shared knowledge. [Link verification]

  • Lean Manufacturing Specialist - Dedicated to promoting lean manufacturing concepts that achieve results. [Link verification]

  • Business Process Trends - A primary source of news and information relating to all aspects of business process change, focused on trends, directions and best practices. [Link verification]

  • Lean Innovations specializes in high quality standard and custom toolboard designs, as well as other "Point of Use" tool storage systems. LEAN Innovationsí products support the visual workplace. [Link verification]

  • Production Basics - Ergonomic workstations. [Link verification]

  • . A Canadian resource guide for High Performance Manufacturing. This guide is designed to provide a relevant and up-to-date source of information to assist Canadian manufacturers in finding the tools, people and resources they need to improve their manufacturing performance. [Link verification]

  • The Continuous Improvement Toolbox - A collection of tools for the Continuous Improvement Practitioner.[Link verification]

  • Greater Boston Manufacturing Partnership ( "Your Resource for Continuous Improvement Education and Facilitation". [Link verification]

  • The Center for Lean Business Management. The CLBM is a forum for dialogue and intellectual leadership in all facets of lean business management and a training and educational resource in support of lean business activities. E-mail: [Link verification]

  • University of Kentucky - Center for Robotics & Manufacturing Systems. 210B CRMS Bldg., University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 40506-0108. Phone: 606-257-4294, FAX: 606-257-4297. Web site: http// E-mail: [Link verification]

  • John Grout's Poka-Yoke home page. Poke-yoke is fail-safe mistake proofing. Good source of information on what poke-yoke is and poke-yoke resources. [Link verification]

  • Highline College, Des Moines, WA - Engineering Department. Course on identifying inefficient factory conditions and developing a lean manufacturing plan. Visit their website at [Link verification]

  • University of Dayton - Center for Competitive Change. Caldwell St. Center, Suite 246, 300 College Park, Dayton, OH 45469-1129. Phone: 937-229-4632. Workshops on kaizen, maximizing production flow, 5S, visual systems. [Link verification]

  • University of Tennessee, Center for Executive Education, Lean Enterprise Systems Design Institute, 708 Stokely Management Center, Knoxville, TN 37996-0575. Phone: 865-974-5001, Fax: 865-974-4989, E-mail:, website: A week-long seminar for managers regarding lean manufacturing and other offerings. [Link verification]

  • National Technical University, 700 Centre Ave., Fort Collins, CO, 80526-1842. Phone: 970-495-6425, FAX: 970-498-0501, E-mail: Video series entitled "Lean Manufacturing Implementation Strategies Series". Includes video courses with titles such as, "Five Basic Principles of Lean Manufacturing", "Operations Management Functions in Lean Manufacturing", "Improve Profits and Reduce Cycle Time with Manufacturing Cells and Simulation", Creating a Successful Environment for Learning in the Workplace", "Leadership Strategies for Employee Motivation, Creativity, and Team Effectiveness". [Link verification]

  • Center for Quality, Eastern Michigan University, 2000 Huron River Drive, suite 101, Ypsilanti, MI 48197, 734-487-2259. 1-3 day seminars on wide variety of quality and productivity topics including 5S, fault tree analysis, mistake proofing, SPC, Team problem solving. Seminars are produced by a consulting firm: Management Resources International (MRI), P.O. box 160, Saline, MI 48176-0160, Phone: 734-429-0747, FAX: 734-944-0748. E-mail: [Link verification]

  • Electronic College of Process Improvement, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense - C3I and the Defense Technical Center. Good source of information and articles from a variety of sources about lean mfg., JIT, etc. [Link verification]

  • Office of Naval Research, Best Manufacturing Practices project. Website: Good source of examples of lean manufacturing practices in actual use. [Link verification]

  • American Competitiveness Institute/Electronic Manufacturing Productivity Factory. Organization established by the U.S. Navy to assist U.S. manufacturing companies in improving electronics mfg. capabilities. Located in Indianapolis, IN, provides electronics mfg. training, a demonstration factory, library. Heavy on electronics mfg. training, soldering but nothing in the way of info on "lean" techniques. Website: [Link verification]

  • Georgia Tech Economic Development Institute. One day Lean Manufacturing Workshop. E-mail: [Link verification]

  • Association for Manufacturing Excellence. 380 West Palatine Rd., Wheeling, IL, 60090. Phone: 708-520-3282, FAX: 708-520-0163. E-mail: Video center phone: 919-467-4300, FAX: 919-467-4395. Apparently an association of like-minded individuals and companies interested in lean mfg. ideas. They offer a video library with titles such as, "AME Kaizen Blitz", "Lean Machines", Self-Directed Work Teams". "On the Road to Manufacturing Excellence". [Link verification]

  • Utah State University (Shingo Prize for Excellence in Manufacturing). Steve Beckstead, USU administers the prize. Offers an annual conference on lean mfg. implementation. Phone: 435-797-2280. Website: [Link verification]

  • California Manufacturing Technology Center, 13430 Hawthorne Blvd., Hawthorne, CA, 90301. Phone: 1-800-300-2682. Phone: 310-355-3060. FAX: 310-676-8630. Government financed consulting firm whose mission is to help CA businesses improve technology and organization to become world-class competitors. Consulting and repeating series of short informational seminars on lean mfg. issues, they will consider custom seminars and training paid for by ETP funding. [Link verification]

  • KAIZEN Institute (, Austin, TX, Phone: 512/452-2696. Consulting services for implementing lean mfg. from visioning/strategic planning to shop floor reorganization, etc. [Link verification]

  • Cal State Fullerton, University Extended Education. 714-278-5945. Alex Vazquez. Offers course in JIT execution. [Link verification]

  • California Institute of Technology, Industrial Relations Center. Ann Campbell. 626-395-4046. E-mail: Offers seminar on developing high performance work teams, nothing on hands-on lean mfg. [Link verification]

  • CareerTrack, 3085 Center Green Drive. Boulder, CO, 80301. Phone: 303-447-2300, FAX: 303-447-1696. Website: Seminar on "Implementing Self-Directed Work Teams", "How to Lead a Team". [Link verification]

  • University of Southern California, Center for Effective Organizations. Phone: 213-740-9814. Human Resources series seminars only. [Link verification]

  • Quality Function Deployment Institute, 170 Township Line Rd., Belle Mead, NJ, 08502. Phone: 909-281-8000, FAX: 908-359-7619. General information website: According to their charter the QFD Institute is a not-for-profit organization which promotes a system for discovering customer requirements and translating them into the language of the producer or provider. [Link verification]

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