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Information to assist in learning lean concepts
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These tools have been made available to NWLEAN members from various sources. The files may be used for training purposes or for individual study, and are subject to NWLEAN policies.

If you have files you would like to contribute, please send the files to Prior to making a submission, please review our submissions policy.

FREE CD AVAILABLE: If you cannot download or access these files, we can mail them to you on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains all the files below, unzipped and in their original format, plus the viewing software for each
format. TO REQUEST A COPY of the free CD-ROM (shipping & handling charges apply), click here.

NEW ON THE CD VERSION: Lots of files, templates, macros to assist in your LEAN efforts. We'll eventually get them up on the website, but in the meantime, you can test them yourself. Of course, we've virus checked them, but not much else!

To download a file, click on the desired file below. WE ARE CURRENTLY UPDATING AND REORGANIZING THIS AREA OF THE WEBSITE, so all files may not be available. However, the CD contains all of these files, and more!

TROUBLE DOWNLOADING A PARTICULAR FILE? Let us know by sending us an email at, and we'll fix the problem!

Do you have a file, template, or white paper you'd like to share? Contant NWLEAN at and we'll post the file for all NWLEAN members!

Download Files \ Request FREE CD-ROM
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