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Direct Marketing to NWLEAN members
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The NWLEAN Direct™ program is a means of allowing SPONSORS and vendors to contact NWLEAN members about the products and services they offer.

The success of NWLEAN has been built on a foundation of an AD-FREE and a SPAM-FREE environment. Because NWLEAN has been very successful in maintaining this environment, NWLEAN members are very comfortable participating on our listserv, and in the various surveys that we maintain. This openness has yielded a rather extensive database of infomation about the companies and individuals which are on the forefront of lean implementations all over the world.

While NWLEAN will not sell this database or the infomation it contains, a great many NWLEAN member have specifically requested to be contacted about opportunities, products, and services which can support their lean efforts. This is why the NWLEAN Direct™ program was developed.

How does the program work? Top | Costs | Getting Started
The NWLEAN Direct™ program is simple. Your company works with an NWLEAN representative in order to develop a demographically specific list which reflects your target market. You then send your marketing materials to NWLEAN, who forwards the materials to the members of the developed list.

DEMOGRAPHIC LISTS: Of those members who've asked to be contacted, the following information is available:

  • Title
  • Industry
  • City/state
  • Company size
  • Company lean progress
  • General lean interests
  • Specific lean interests
  • Join date

For example, if you want to market to NWLEAN members in the St. Louis area, which have interests in lean software products, NWLEAN can compile that list. If you are looking for companies on the east coast that want information on consultants, we can compile that list too. If you'd like to contact companies which need TPM information, that list can be compiled as well. You choose the parameters, and NWLEAN will compile the list. If the compiled list sizes are larger than you need, we can use other fields (such as JOIN DATE) to properly size your lists.

How much does the program cost? Top | How does it work? | Getting Started
The cost of DIRECT MARKETING depends on the size of the developed demographic list. Basically, the larger the list, the lower the cost per contact. Here is an example of the pricing structure:

List Size Cost per contact**
0-50 $1.50
51-100 1.20
101-200 0.90
201-400 0.68
401-800 0.51
801-1600 0.38
1601-3200 0.29
3201-6400 0.21
6401 and up 0.16

**NWLEAN SPONSORS receive a 50% discount on the above rates, in addition to other benefits.

How can we get started? Top | How does it work? | Costs
Getting started is as easy as calling the NWLEAN COORDINATOR. There is a $69 charge for developing your demographic lists, but this charge is FULLY CREDITED to the cost of your NWLEAN Direct™ fee. The Coordinator will walk you through the development of a demographic list, and answer any of your questions. CALL TODAY!

How does it work? \ Costs \ Getting Started
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