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NWLEAN has provided the Career Services area in order to bring lean professionals together with organizations implementing lean initiatives. This area can be used to post positions and resumes, as well as post positions and resumes.


Please follow the guidelines below to post positions or resumes:


  • Place ONLY the job title in the SUBJECT line.
  • Place ONLY the job description and contact information in the BODY of the message.
  • Place no advertisements in the BODY of the posting.
  • To post a position, click here.
  • Submittals which do not follow the above guidelines will not be accepted. Submittals are sent to the NWLEAN Career Services Director, who reviews for approrpriate content. Approved postings shall appear on the NWLEAN website.

    To modify a posting, resend the modified information.

    To DELETE a posting, send email to Please include enough information to properly identify the posting to be removed. Only requests from the original submission email address can be honored.

    Thanks you for your cooperation. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send them to

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