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Book of the Month
Recommended reading to improve your knowledge of lean skills and tools
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Jun/Jul/Aug 2004
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KAIKAKU - The Power and Magic of Lean
Bodek, 2004
Book of the Month
Review : I just finished your book and the only thing I can think of to say is - WOW!!!! The story of your travels and learning’s a great framework for what I think is the most easily to understand description of "lean" (concepts). I earmarked some parts to read over again. - Chuck Yorke, Manager, Organizational Development, Technicolor Corporation
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Mar/Apr/May 2004
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Kaizen Desk Reference Standard
Vitalo, Butz, Vitalo, 2003
Book of the Month
Review : This is the first complete step-by-step guide for doing Kaizen. It includes a fully described case example of an actual Kaizen event. It explains in detail how to evaluate opportunities, prepare for events, build and lead Kaizen teams, make and measure business improvements, and follow up on events so that the benefits they produce sustain. Its methodology has been proven in over 150 Kaizen events conducted in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the U.K. The book comes with a CD-ROM containing the Kaizen Tool Kit, a set of 57 electronic tools that support your success.
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Oct/Nov/Dec 2003
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Who's Counting
Solomon, 2003
Book of the Month
Review : A very entertaining business novel done in the style of Goldratt (The Goal). It chronicles a lean implementation in which the accounting department is a key element. It was refreshing to get more than the common advice on eliminating poor measurements that suboptimize the business system. This book details an improved cost accounting approach that simplifies and makes more transparent actual business results. In addition some lean implementation practices that the accounting shop can do themselves is also spelled out. Worthwhile, it will help you improve your operation.
NWLEAN Price $23.99 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Jul/Aug/Sep 2003
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Lean Manufacturing for the Small Shop
Conner, 2001
Book of the Month
Review (from Book News, Inc., Portland, OR): This book outlines steps small companies can take to shorten delivery times, improve quality, and reduce costs. Rather than recommending the same changes for all companies, the book discusses the necessity of selecting and applying tools based on the needs of the particular company. Among the techniques discussed are value stream mapping, just-in-time techniques, quality system management tools, training, and team structures. A companion CD-ROM includes training materials, examples, and samples of tools.
NWLEAN Price $75.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Apr/May/Jun 2003
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Better Thinking, Better Results
Emiliani, 2003
Book of the Month
Review: Bob Emiliani , et al., provide a wonderful account of the process behind the lean transformation of The Wiremold Company. Detailed interviews with all the senior management personnel provide a level of detail that has heretofore been untold. The insights given allow the reader to have a much greater understanding of 'How Wiremold Did It', and shows how lean can be implemented in any industry.
NWLEAN Price $45.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Jan/Feb/Mar 2003
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Lean Assembly
Baudin, 2002
Book of the Month
Review: Lean Assembly is a wonderful reference for any company considering the implementation of a lean production system. Whether your production system is 'brownfield', 'greenfield', or yet to be designed, this book gives plenty of insight into the aspects of assembly that can best exploit the power of lean tools and methods.
NWLEAN Price $50.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Oct/Nov/Dec 2002
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Learning to See
Rother, Shook, 2000
Book of the Month
Review: Learning to see is very helpful if you want to learn to establish value stream maps of your key processes. The book is set up like a work book and walks you through the process step by step. J. Womack is very prescriptive in how to produce value stream maps. It would be helpful to have additional examples from several industries. Value stream mapping is useful in helping to indentify areas that need improvement projects. They should be the basis for strategic plans for process improvement. This book will be helpful if you are new or trying to introduce others to the importance of value stream mapping.
NWLEAN Price $50.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Jul/Aug/Sep 2002
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Modern Approaches to Manufacturing Improvement:
The Shingo System
Robinson, 1991
Book of the Month
Review: Here's the quickest and most inexpensive way to learn about the pioneering work of Shigeo Shingo, co-creator (with Taiichi Ohno) of Just-In-Time. It's an introductory book containing excerpts of five of his classic books as well as an excellent introduction by Professor Robinson. Learn about quick changeover, mistake-proofing (poka-yoke), non-stock production, and how to apply Shingo's "scientific thinking mechanism."
NWLEAN Price $23.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Apr/May/Jun 2002
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Toyota Production System:
An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time
Monden, 1998
Book of the Month
Review: With all of the recent attention to "Lean Manufacturing" (Womak, The Machine That Changed The World, Lean Thinking), this book, now in its third edition, is different. Rather than telling you how to implement the Toyota Production System, Monden gives the reader a comprehensive technical description of how the entire system functions, and how the pieces work together to form the most effecient production system known. This is not, however, a generic overview. This book covers Toyota's implementation as it applies to building their products. Nevertheless, the principles translate to every industry where things are made. Any serious practitioner or industry leader attempting to implement or operate a lean production system needs to read, and re-read, this book.
NWLEAN Price $57.95 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Jan/Feb/Mar 2002
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The Goal
A Process of Ongoing Improvement
Goldratt, Cox, 1988
Book of the Month
Review: Although this book wasn't written for the 'lean' genre, it espouses many techniques that are directly related to lean principles. Goldratt develops a complete scenario of a company in trouble, and exactly what is done to turn the situation around. This book is a 'must read', and is really hard to put down!
NWLEAN Price $13.97 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

Nov/Dec 2001
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The Idea Generator
Quick and Easy Kaizen
Bodek/Tozawa, 2001
Book of the Month
Review: The goal of this book is to guide improvement activities throughout the organization: to use creative ideas from all employees to serve both internal and external customers, to unlock the hidden potential of every single employee, and to bring new excitement and joy into the workplace. Dana Corporation gets over 2,000,000 ideas a year from all of their employees. This book tells you how to do it.

"WHAT SETS US APART? The Toyota Production System is at the heart of everything we do. Based on the concept of continuous improvement, or kaizen, every Toyota team member is empowered with the ability to improve their work environment. This includes everything from quality and safety to the environment and productivity. Improvements and suggestions by team members are the cornerstone of Toyota's success."

NWLEAN Price $47.52 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

September, October 2001
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Toyota Production System
Beyond Large Scale Production
Ohno, 1988
Book of the Month
Review: Here's the first information ever published in Japan on the Toyota Production System. Here Ohno, who created TPS for Toyota, reveals the origins, daring innovations, and ceaseless evolution of the Toyota system into a full management system. You'll learn how to manage TPS from the man who invented it, and to create a winning TPS environment in your own manufacturing operation.
NWLEAN Price $45.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

July, August 2001
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A Revolution in Manufacturing
The SMED System
Shingo/Dillon, 1985
Book of the Month
Review: The heart of JIT is quick changeover methods. Dr. Shingo, inventor of the Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) system for Toyota, shows you how to reduce your changeovers by an average of 98 percent! By applying Shingo's techniques, you'll see rapid improvements (lead time reduced from weeks to days, lower inventory and warehousing costs) that will improve quality, productivity, and profits.
NWLEAN Price $75.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

May, June 2001
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Becoming Lean
Inside Stories of U.S. Manufacturers
Liker, 1998
Book of the Month
Review: Lean manufacturing is quickly becoming the manufacturing system of the 21st century. This book highlights several lean success stories, from a wide variety of manufacturers.
NWLEAN Price $35.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

March, April 2001
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Non-Stock Production
The Shingo System for Continuous Improvement
Shingo, 1988
Book of the Month
Review: In the ideal production system, information flows from the customer backward through the manufacturing process and results in total elimination of non-value-adding wastes. That means no inventory, inspection, storage, or transportation. Shingo shows that a Non-Stock Production (NSP) system can become a reality for any manufacturer. Find out how, directly from the master himself.
NWLEAN Price $85.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

February 2001
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A Study of the Toyota Production System
From an Industrial Engineering Viewpoint
Shingo/Dillon, 1989
Book of the Month
Review: Shingo presents this study from the viewpoint of an Industrial Engineer. The Toyota Production System (the origin of lean manufacturing techniques) is broken down into it's various elements, and explained in basic engineering terms. This is an essential primer for any organization exploring lean techniques, and provides the basics for the development of metrics to assure success in implementation.
NWLEAN Price $50.00 - Click here to order (and get FREE SHIPPING!).

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